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Temperature Sensor Colour Changing LED Faucet

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Make a LED Temperature Indicator for Your Faucet
Now you don't have to touch the water to know its temperature with the Temperature Sensor Colour Changing LED Faucet! This amazing device fits on most taps with LED lights that automatically activates by water pressure, transforming the stream of water into an amazing waterfall of lights!
The faucet light is designed with sensitivity to the water's temperature:
Green color will automatically show for a temperature less than 31 degrees Celsius. Blue color for 32 - 38 degrees, and red color for 39 - 45 degrees, with red and blue colors that flicker together if temperature is above 45 degrees Celsius.
No battery is needed as it is powered by the water pressure itself, automatically illuminating once the water flows making it environment-friendly too.
  • Perfect water temperature indicator
  • Red color shows when the water is hot, green when warm, and blue when cold
  • LED lights are activated by the water pressure
  • Environment-friendly. No battery is needed
  • Ideal for bathroom and kitchen
  • Easy to install
  • Fits most water taps
  • Offers a delightful experience
  • Material: High-quality ABS
  • LED emitting colors in Green, Blue and Red
  • Item size: 35 x 37mm
Package Content:
  • 1pc Temperature Sensor Colour Changing LED Faucet