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Premium 220V Electric Stainless SteelHousehold Grinding Milling Machine

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Environmental protecting and it is so healthy to use it.
Grind coffee beans, nuts,  seeds and more.
You can grinding a cup of coffee in a spare afternoon to enjoy the wonderful and leisure time at home .
Efficient electric grinder that grind coffee beans, nuts in  low-noise.
The coffee grinder will help you get the most out of fresh coffee, because the grinder will breaks coffee down into evenly-sized particles to ensure an even extraction.
Unique,classic design and it is easy operation.
It can be a perfect gift for your family or friends.
Easy to operate and to keep it clean.
Size:160 x 93mm
Power: 100~200W
Material:Stainless Steel
Rated voltage/frequency: 220V
Package Included:
1x Coffee Bean Grinder    
ZM1480100-ALL-1-1 ZM1480100-C-3-1 ZM1480100-C-4-1 ZM1480100-D-5-1 ZM1480100-D-6-1 ZM1480100-D-7-1 ZM1480100-D-8-1 ZM1480100-D-9-1 ZM1480100-S-2-1