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Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser Touchless Hands

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1. automatic soap dispenser, free from adult foam, less foam children wash hands, also can be used as detergent for kitchen soap dispensers wash dishes and wash dishes.
2. the non-contact soap dispenser, if waved to the sensor under the nozzle, can distribute foam to save health and labor. Especially when washing dishes, it can be distributed without wet hand pressing.
3. Soap dispenser for white kitchen, with transparent soap box, easy to check the amount of soap. The new design can be used with soap dispensers in bathrooms or dishbasins, with a small footprint.
Color: white
Weight: 320G
Materials: Environmental ABS
Product capacity: 400ml
Product voltage: 4.5V (3 AA alkaline batteries)
Waterproof Grade: IPX( do not use under direct water source)
Sensing distance :4-5 cm of sensing object (hand)
Be careful:
 actual manual measurement of dimensions can be a bit wrong.The actual size is based on the actual product.
due to different light and shooting conditions, the color of the picture may be slightly different from the actual product.Please take the actual product as the basis.