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Ultimate Soft Thick Plush Couch Cover Sofa Protection

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35.4*63 in(1 pc)
35.4*82.7 in(1 pc)
27.6*27.6 in(1 pc)
35.4*35.4 in(1 pc)
35.4*47.2 in(1 pc)
35.4*70.9 in(1 pc)
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Upgrade your living room experience and enjoy peace of mind with our Ultimate Soft Thick Plush Couch Cover, where style meets functionality. Perfect for homes with pets and those who love a touch of luxury and comfort! 

  • Supreme Softness: Crafted from the softest, thickest plush, our couch cover turns your sofa into the most comfortable and inviting spot in your home.
  • Sofa Protection: Say goodbye to worries about pet hair, scratches, or spills. Our durable couch cover is designed to shield your sofa, keeping it looking brand new and extending its life.
  • Pet-Friendly Design: Perfect for homes with pets, this cover withstands the enthusiasm of claws and paws, making your life easier and keeping your sofa intact.
  • Stylish Look: Refresh your living space with our couch cover that's not just functional but also stylish. It adds a touch of elegance and coziness, seamlessly blending with any decor.
  • Easy to Install & Maintain: Transform your sofa in minutes! This cover is easy to fit and equally simple to remove for hassle-free washing.

Main Material:
Faux rabbit fur
Products Sizes:
70*70 cm / 27.6*27.6 in
90*90 cm / 35.4*35.4 in
90*120 cm / 35.4*47.2 in
90*160 cm / 35.4*63 in
90*180 cm / 35.4*70.9 in
90*210 cm / 35.4*82.7 in