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Orchid REC

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1-Seater | 35"-51"
2-Seater | 52"-69"
3-Seater | 70"-87"
4-Seater | 88"-118"
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Product Introduction: Our elastic sofa cover, available for single, double, triple, and quadruple sofas, is made from milk silk with full coverage and anti-slip features. It offers a snug fit, is environmentally friendly, soft, comfortable, and has excellent color fastness. The anti-slip protection strips firmly secure the sofa cover, ensuring it stays in place without slipping. Simple to install, it can be directly draped over the sofa and secured with straps. Operating Instructions: Step 1: Flip the sofa cover over and align the back seams with the sides of the sofa, then pull down. Step 2: Locate the side seams, drape them along the armrests, keeping it loose at first, then tidy up. Step 3: Insert the anti-slip bars, starting from the center while ensuring the fabric remains smooth. Begin with the center and move to the sides. Step 4: Tuck in excess fabric underneath the sofa, use the attached white strings to tie them together at the bottom. Common Sofa Measurements and Usage: For distances between 35-51", choose a single seat cover. For distances between 52-69", opt for a double seat cover. For distances between 70-87", go for a three-seat cover. For distances between 88-118", select a four-seat cover.