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Multifunctional Bike Carrier Backpack Bag For Dog & Cat

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Take your favourite furry friend along for short trips or longer journeys with a bike pet carrier by FunnyFuzzy. This comfortable carrier is an ideal choice for owners who like to bike.

  • Multifunctional Bag: When biking, it could attach to the front of the bike. And it could also be carried as a backpack when walking or hiking as you want. And you could fold it when not in use.
  • Safety Design: This bike carrier comes with a zip and adjustable inner safety leash to prevent your pet from escaping during the ride. At the same time, you could keep an eye on your little pet.
  • Breathable Mesh: This bike carrier features two large breathable mesh windows on the top and front, which providing great ventilation and a good view for your pets and reducing their anxiety.
  • Chest Buckle: When using as a bag, you could adjust the chest buckle to fit you best to reduce the pressure on your shoulder.
  • Easy to Install: Our bag has quadruple protection buckle can directly fix to the bicycle handlebar stabily and quickly. 
  • 2 PVC Boards: There are 2 PVC boards on the back and bottom, which makes it more comfortable for the dog to stay in the bag and also makes the bag less likely to deform.
  • Torch: The torch on the front of the backpack allows you to ride safely even in poor light.

Please Note:
It is not recommended that you put pets larger than 3 kg in this bag.

Main material: 

Products Sizes:
30x30x37 cm/ 11.8x11.8x14.5 in