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Portable Folding Trolley Universal Wheels Travel Large Pet Carrier Backpack

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Charcoal Grey
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How to keep your pet comfortable way when traveling? The luggage-shaped pet can keep your pet in top shape. With the 3-in1 multifunction, it can be a rolling carrier, handbag, and backpack. You'll be free-hand when going anywhere with your pet. With breathable mesh sides, and ample ventilation, this pack keeps your pet cool on the go with all the comfort features.

  • With Rolling Wheels, traveling with ease: With luggage-shaped pet stroller, no matter how heavy the pet is, you can carry your pets out easily.
  • 3-in-1 multifunction pet carrier: Designed with a luggage-shaped pet stroller or as a pet backpack, making it a versatile and convenient carrier, the pet carrier can be used as a backpack, handbag, and rolling carrier and will accommodate almost any pet travel need.
  • Excellent Ventilation And Large Space: Made of ventilated & breathable material, the pack has plenty of ventilation holes and two sides and the top mesh panel allows the pet to breathe freely.  And the pack can hold up to 20lbs of cats and provide roomy space for them to travel.
  • Opening top: The top mesh is flexible to open and close which allows the cat's head out. And the cat can interact with the owner and reduces nervousness.

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32*26*49-97cm (12.59*10.23*19.29-38.18in)