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FrostGuard Deluxe Full-Coverage Car Windshield Cover for Ice/Snow, Sweater, 41" x 59"

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Standard . 59"x41''
XL . 68"x41''
Knit Sweater
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Features: Quick Dry, Durable,

Pockets Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 32.25 x 6.80 x 2.00 Inches

FrostGuard Premium Winter Windshield Cover (FrostGuard Deluxe) protects your vehicle windshield, wiper blades and size-view mirrors from snow, frost and ice so that you can start your day. FrostGuard Windshield Cover with Mirror Covers and Wiper Blade Coverage is the winter solution you need to start your day the right way. The Standard size Frost Guard windshield covers fit most vehicles including Compact Cars, Sedans and crossover SUVs. Plus, enjoy a quick-dry storage pouch that makes it easy to store without soaking your backseat.
  • FrostGuard Deluxe | This full protection windshield cover protects your vehicle's windshield, wipers and side-view mirror from freezing winter weather including snow, frost and ice. With two available sizes, you can find the perfect balance of a snug fit and great coverage against wintery elements.
  • Superior Ice Protection | No more spraying and scraping your vehicle windshield in the freezing cold conditions. Made from durable polyester backed with a stick-resistant PVC lining. Features 2 Fit-Fast elastic straps, security panels and side poles that provide an extra-snug fit against winter winds.
  • Standard Size | The FrostGuard windshield cover measures 41 x 59”. Ideal for Compact Cars, Sedans, and Crossover SUVs of most makes and models. Protects and covers the essential viewing area of the front windscreen and wiper blades.
  • Easy to Use, No Assembly Required | The ultimate in winter car accessories, get prepared for the arrival of cold weather and save your time each morning. To remove the FrostGuard windshield snow cover, simply roll it up, and slide it into the included pouch to prevent a soggy back seat.
  • One Year Warranty | You can trust FrostGuard, the leading winter windshield cover, to hold up against the fiercest of winter weather. If you have any trouble, our Nashville-based customer service team is standing by to help.