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Bone Pattern Oxford Fabric Double Size Dog Car Seat Cover

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Take your dog on a great journey with Bone Pattern Oxford Fabric Double Size Dog Car Seat Cover!
  • Comfortable & Safe: This seat is made of thickened fabric, which is soft and comfortable. The adjustable buckle is sturdy and does not fall off easily, and the safety leash can be attached to your dog's collar to ensure your dog's safety.
  • Multiple Sizes: There are two styles to choose from, whether you want your dog to sit with you in the passenger seat or to sit in the back to sleep. Also, the two seat style can be used by both dogs and humans.
  • High-quality Craftsmanship: This seat is well-made, with fine and smooth stitching, which makes it very durable.
  • Easy to Clean: The surface is made of Oxford fabric, which is waterproof and scratch resistant, easy to care for, keeps the car tidy and also protects the seat.
  • Easy to Store: This seat cover is so lightweight that you can just fold it up and put it in the boot without taking up too much of your space.
Main Material:
Oxford fabric
Products Sizes:
Single-seat: 49*49*58 cm / 19.3*19.3*22.8 in
Two-seat: 137*147*23 cm / 54*58*9.1 in