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Bird Toy Straw Basket Hidden Colored Tear Paper Bird Toy Natural Material Bird Toys Enhance Intelligence Fun with for Parrots

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Parrot Chew Toy(3PCS)
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Introducing our bird toy, a hidden treasure for your feathered friend!
This toy is designed to provide hours of entertainment and mental stimulation for your pet bird.
With secrets hidden in the straw basket and colored tear paper, it adds an element of surprise and fun to playtime.
Made from natural materials such as corncobs, corn husks, bark, and nuts, this toy is completely safe for your bird to bite and play with.
We have carefully selected these materials without any chemical treatment, ensuring the health and safety of your beloved pet.
The natural bark and nuts are tough and tear-resistant, meeting your pet's needs for a durable toy.
Not only does our bird toy provide entertainment, but it also helps in developing your bird's intelligence and thinking agility.
It creates a fun environment where your pet can have comprehensive exercise, relieving tension and anxiety.
Watch as your bird enjoys hours of fun, developing good habits of playing at home.
The toy is designed with multiple functions in mind. It can be used for standing, perching, climbing, playing, grinding mouth and claws, decorating landscaping, biting to relieve boredom, and preventing depression.
The natural materials used in this toy emit a pleasant smell that will not harm the health of your pet.

Item Name: Bird Toy
Material: Wood
Features: Relieve Boredom, Bite Resistant, Natural Material
Size Details:
1, L: 34cm/13.39", W: 11cm/4.33" (Approx.)
2, L: 36cm/14.17", W: 12cm/4.72" (Approx.)
3, L: 36cm/14.17", W: 14cm/5.51" (Approx.)

Package Includes:
3 x Bird Toy