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Parrot Toys Hanging Rope Pet Ladder Wood Stand Budgie Parakeet Climb Cage Bird Bite Toy Colorful Bird Chewing Toy Pet Supplies

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Type: Parrot Wood Rope
Material: Wood
Color: Colorful
Length: 34cm
Sub-Type: Toys

Parts List:
1x Bird Toy

1.Adopts natural material, safe and environmentally friendly.
2.Give your pet a treat and have hours of fun watching them play.
3.Birds like bright colors. It's colorful and beautiful, great for them.
4.A great play toy for pet bird, keeping them entertained.
5.Different sizes, shapes, and colors of the blocks make an instant hit with your bird.
6.This parrot chewing toy set meets daily anti-Anxiety and behaviour management.
7.The set is much more challenging to chew or destroy hours and hours with well-made quality.
8.Wood blocks united in a sturdy chain, while the cage hanging clip is safe and will not injure furry friends.