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Toyota RAV4(2020-2022) Special Floor Mat Fully Surrounded By All-Weather TPE Material Floor Mat

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Floor Mats
Car Trunk Mat
Full Set
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  • Perfect Fit】Our floor mats are specially customized for the Toyota RAV4(2020-2022 ), using advanced 3D real-car scanning technology to capture every corner and contour for a perfect fit. 
  • Durability】TPE material has high wear resistance and durability, able to withstand daily use and prolonged friction.
  • Waterproof And Dustproof】TPE mats have good sealing properties, can effectively prevent water and dust from penetrating into the vehicle carpet, and are easy to clean.
  • No Odor】We select high-quality TPE materials, which will not emit an unpleasant smell.
  • Easy to Clean】The surface of TPE mats is usually very smooth and easy to clean. Dirt, stains, and other debris can be removed by gently wiping the surface.

product details
  • Scanning technology is used during production to capture every nook and cranny for a perfect fit.

  • It's made of TPE material, say goodbye to bad smell.

  • Concave-convex design, effective anti-skid, making driving safer.

  • Integrated trunk mat makes cleaning the trunk easier.
    simply remove the floor liner from the car, hose down vigorously, and wipe dry with a cloth.

  • We pay attention to details and upgrade and improve many times.

  • Material: TPE
  • Color: Black
  • Season: All Seasons
  • Gross Weight/Package: 5( kg )
  • No professional installation is required. Easy to install, And we will tell you how to install it if you have any questions, We will do our best to help you And make sure you have a good feeling about shopping in our store.

    Package List
    • Floor Mats:
      1 x Driver Seat Floor Mat;
      1 x Passenger Seat Floor Mat;
      1 x Second Row Floor Mat;

    • Car Trunk Mat:
      1 x car trunk mat

    • Full Set:
      1 x Driver Seat Floor Mat;
      1 x Passenger Seat Floor Mat;
      1 x Second Row Floor Mat; 
      1 x Car Trunk Mat

    • 2020-2022 Toyota RAV4
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