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Why People Love CuteMatchy

  • @Sheena Adamson
  • Of all the pop-up dress shops on Fb, this is the best quality. I don't mind spending a little more for quality and customer service experience. This is a top notch company, even personalizing boxes and inspiring packaging. You get the full experience with this one, ladies. If you like circle skirt spinning, incredible fabrics, and stress-free customer service, this company is for you!


  • @Julianne Ray DeBenedetto
  • I ordered two dresses for two different events and WOW. I have no words for how amazing the quality is—worth every penny. I was worried about ordering a Small but just went off their sizing chart and the dresses fit perfectly. Can’t wait to order more; the styles are so unique.


  • @Sarah Deacon
  • “All their dresses are beautiful and well made. Between my daughters and myself I have purchased 12 dresses from Cutematchy and I love them all.


  • @allyquinones
  • “Played photographer this weekend for the Chandler kids. These three are becoming awesome young adults and their dad isnt bad either 😉❤️”@allyquinones


  • @Jessica Indrawirawan-Roberts
  • “This morning we celebrated my nephew Liam's Baptism in these gorgeous matchy matchy outfits, been saving them for a special occasion 💗......”

  • @Lauren Godin
  • “I ordered us matching Jammie’s from #cutematchy a few weeks ago and they’re in!!! They are SO comfy and cute!!!”

  • @SG Fitness
  • My hubby surprised us with matching outfits!
Great quality, true to size, comfy, beautiful colors!
We loved being twins and got a ton of compliments 🥰
@cutematchy_daily @cutematchydaily Dresses by #cutematchy
  • Happy Monday everyone.
New week, new me.
Well, not really. Same me, but let's start with this dress - that's new for me. I think I like it. Not sure haha.