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100 PCS Kids Disposable Gloves Nitrile Gloves for 4-12 Years Latex Free Protective Children Golves XS /S Nitrile Gloves

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The reason for choosing   nitrile gloves
Why does your child need nitrile gloves? Excellent chemical resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good chemical protection for solvents, petroleum and other corrosive substances. You really need it when your child cleans the bathroom, the garden or the car. Good physical properties, good tear resistance, puncture resistance and friction resistance, can protect children from injuries when planting roses in the garden. It is free of proteins, amino compounds and other harmful substances, and it hardly produces allergies. It has no silicon component, has certain antistatic performance, low surface chemical residue and small particle content. It can be used strictly in the laboratory environment. It is the best partner for children to learn scientific research.

Why choose our kids disposable gloves? Our disposable nitrile gloves are specially designed and produced for children, not adult trumpet or X-size trumpet. According to ergonomic design, it has excellent flexibility, which can perfectly fit every inch of the skin of the hand, making it comfortable to wear and good for blood circulation. Our children's disposable nitrile gloves have higher quality requirements than other gloves,
100% latex-free and powder-free, fragrance-free, allergen-free, food-grade, it is safe and reliable no matter what it is used for.
Note: This product does not distinguish between right and left hands, suitable for most children 4-12 years old and palm width 5-10cm. Before putting on gloves, remove the accessories and trim your nails. If you need to touch food, it is best to use it after washing.

Product: Children's disposable gloves
Material: Nitrile
Color: blue-purple
Specifications: XS,S

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