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Ozone Air Purifier Fresh Deodorizer Fridge for refrigerator closets pet car portable

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  • Compact and portable for your convenience
  • Low power consumption, deodorize continuously for over 3 months on only 3 AA batteries
  • Generates ozone and anions to purify the air inside your refrigerator
  • Neutralizes or eliminates unpleasant odors
  • Naturally neutralizes odors without any cover-up scents or fragrance
  • Reduces food spoilage caused bExtends the freshness and life of many foods
  • No Costly filters to replace ever
  • Intelligently control the operation cycle and mode with one touch and indicate with colored LED
  • Also great for closets, in vehicles and pet zones
  • Powered by three AA batteries( not included)
  • Power consumption: Max 0.5W
  • For fridges of up to 250-Litre in volume
  • Dimension:11.5cm(H)*6.7cm(Dia)(approx)
  • Color: white
Operational instructions:
1. Open the battery door and install the battery. At this time, the indicator lights flashed alternately three times, indicating that the machine completed self-inspection.
2. Press ON/OFF button to turn on. The light indicates that the machine starts to work.
3. Press the MODE key to select the size of the gear. The indicator light is green in the big gear, orange in the small gear, and the indicator light flickers every 2 seconds when the machine is working.
4. In large-scale mode, the machine will work continuously for about 30 minutes before it goes to sleep. Later, it will work automatically for about 1 minute every 1 hour. In small-scale mode, the machine will work continuously for about 20 minutes before it goes to sleep. Later, it will work for about 40 seconds every 1 hour.
5 Press ON/OFF again and the machine stops working.
Note: When the indicator light turns red, it means that the power is too low. Please replace the battery at this time.


Package includes:

Fresh Fridge Refrigerator Purifier *1