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European Floral Cotton Couch Cover Sofa Protective Non-slip Cover

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27.6*27.6 in(1 pc)
35.4*35.4 in(1 pc)
35.4*47.2 in(1 pc)
35.4*63 in(1 pc)
35.4*70.9 in(1 pc)
35.4*82.7 in(1 pc)
One Seat Set(4 pcs)
Two Seat Set(5 pcs)
Three Seat Set(6 pcs)
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A fashionable, stylish, and comfortable couch cover is an essential decoration for your home. It not only protects your sofa but also helps you relax both physically and mentally.

  • Protect your sofa: Our couch cover protects sofas from spills, stains, dirt, grime, wear and tear. It’s perfect for homes with children and pets.
  • Comfortable, stylish & easy care: Beautiful quilted texture, lofty poly fill and soft finish for designer style and ultimate comfort. Stain resistant and machine washable for your convenience.
  • Replace at will: Easy set-up for anytime of the year. Place it on your furniture of choice in seconds and be ready for house guests & surprise messes.

Main Material:
Product Sizes:
70*70 cm / 27.6*27.6 in
90*90 cm / 35.4*35.4 in
90*120 cm / 35.4*47.2 in
90*160 cm / 35.4*63 in
90*180 cm / 35.4*70.9 in
90*210 cm / 35.4*82.7 in