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17/20pcs Vacuum Sealer Bags Sous Vide Bags Kit Reusable Food Storage Wrap Ziplock Bag Zip Top Containers With Hand Pump Clips

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Electric pump
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The bag is composed of PA + PE, pump adopts ABS, no BPA. Transparent bag design, easy to pick out the food you want. Reinforced zipper ensures an airtight seal to to keep food fresh and longer. Includes clips to help you seal the storage bags. Each bag with a tab, which is very convenient to record food condition. Bags are refrigerate, freeze safe that meet all your daily requirement.


Food vacuum bag material: Polyethylene Hand pumps material: ABS Size:21.8*21cm/28*25.5cm/34*25.7cm Open method: Zipper

Package list 1(17pcs):

15 x Food vacuum bags(5 small;5 mid;5 big) 2 x Plastic clips

Package list 2(20pcs):

15 x Food vacuum bags(5 small;5 mid;5 big) 1 x Hand pump 2 x Plastic clips 2 x Metal clips

Warm Notice

If you want to store liquid or powdery things, you can put them in another bag first and then put the bag into our vacuum bags for better sealing treatment. Otherwise the liquid or powder will be sucked into hand pump. Please keep the seal clean when you do seal, otherwise the sealing effect will be affected.


1.Put foodstuffs into bag, seal bag with clip. 2.Attach pump to valve, pump out the air.