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Super Soft Floral Anti-scratch Furniture Protector Couch Cover

$15.80 USD (taxe inclu) $30.98 USD
Rural(Ice silk)
27.56*27.56 In(1 pc)
35.43*35.43 In(1 pc)
35.43*47.24In(1 pc)
35.43*62.99 In(1 pc)
35.43*70.87 In(1 pc)
35.43*82.68 In(1 pc)
Pillow(1 pc)
One Seat Set(4 pcs)
Two Seat Set(5 pcs)
Three Seat Set(6 pcs)
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Let your best friend sit on the furniture again with the Super Soft Floral Anti-scratch Furniture Protector Couch Cover. You can’t live without your precious pet, but you could probably live without the fur, paw prints, scratch marks and dirt he leaves behind in your home. 

  • Wear-resistant: Not only does it protect your sofa furniture from daily wear and tear, scratches from children and pets or the effects of accidental spills, it also gives your old sofa a new look.
  • Reduce the breeding of bacteria and mites: Pets and children like to curl up on the sofa, which will inevitably have bacteria and mites breeding. This is avoided by using a sofa cover, which you only need to clean instead of a bulky sofa. Our recommendation is to clean it at least once every 15 days for a cleaner and more hygienic home.
  • Decorate your home: This sofa cover is suitable for all styles of furniture (leather or fabric sofas) and complements your living room. It is ideal for home decoration and dresses your room with sophistication and ultimate elegance. You can switch between different couch covers to change the style of the room at will and bring a different mood to your living room.
  • Fabric: Made of breathable cotton, milk fleece and ice silk material, feel skin-friendly, available for all seasons. Not only can it protect your sofa furniture from daily wear and tear as well as scratches or accidental spills from children and pets.
  • Anti-slip: Compared with ordinary sofa covers, this innovative sofa cover has an enlarged anti-slip adhesive grain design on the back to better fix in place and provide all-around protection.


Cotton, polyester, Milk silk fabric, Ice silk

Product Sizes:
27.56*27.56 in / 70*70 cm
35.43*35.43 in / 90*90 cm
35.43*47.24 in / 90*120 cm
35.43*62.99 in / 90*160 cm
35.43*70.87 in / 90*180 cm
35.43*82.68 in / 90*210 cm
Pillow: 17.72*17.72 in / 45*45 cm