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Cotton Plaid Anti-scratch Couch Cover

$13.86 USD (taxe inclu) $27.17 USD
Green Plaid
Grey Plaid
Heart Plaid
One Seat Set(4 pcs)
Two Seat Set(5 pcs)
Three Seat Set(6 pcs)
27.6*27.6 in(1 pc)
35.4*35.4 in(1 pc)
35.4*47.2 in(1 pc)
35.4*63 in(1 pc)
35.4*70.9 in(1 pc)
35.4*82.7 in(1 pc)
Pillow(1 pc)
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Are you tired of sitting on uncomfortable and worn-out cushions? Upgrade your seating experience with our Cotton Plaid Anti-scratch Sofa Cover.
  • Skin-friendly & Breathable: This sofa cover is made with high-quality cotton fabric for a soft and comfortable feel, which is also breathable and suitable for all seasons.
  • Environmental Friendly: We use environmentally friendly dying process for safe and eco-conscious use.
  • Durable & Anti-slip: Wrinkle-resistant and scratch-resistant design for a neat and durable use. And the back is designed with non-slip silicone particles to prevent displacement.
  • Easy to Clean: It is machine washable and fade-resistant for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Perfect Protection: Safeguard your sofa from pet scratches and keep it looking as pristine as the day you bought it.
Main Material:
Product Sizes:
70*70 cm / 27.6*27.6 in
90*90 cm / 35.4*35.4 in
90*120 cm / 35.4*47.2 in
90*160 cm / 35.4*63 in
90*180 cm / 35.4*70.9 in
90*210 cm / 35.4*82.7 in
Pillow: 45*45 cm / 17.7*17.7 in